We offer professional cleaning for individuals and businesses​

Best quality and consistency of our work and professional approach is common norm for us when we are delivering services. The main objective of us is to be the company of choice for many of the hotels as well as a diverse range of other businesses that are all eager to benefit from our five-star standards.

We understand the importance of providing professional skilled staff who are thoroughly trained and vetted to give you the best possible levels of service. We also seek to innovate in products and service solutions across all the environments in which we operate.

We are here to acquire customers who have fluid businesses and we provide them with the flexibility they require through a single service or a defined package.​

​All of our solutions are designed to deliver the optimum productivity in the most appropriate way. We work smart to blend with our clients team, culture and operations.

 Our passion for excellence, positive dynamic approach and ability to evolve to meet our clients' needs is all part of our fresh approach to these challenging and dynamic sectors in which we operate.

Our flexible model allows us to work with solutions that will achieve your vision. Whether you totally outsource or retain elements of management, we ensure there is a seamless approach to service delivery.

We are here to target diverse ranging from hotels to restaurants and take away, offices, private villas to the fast emerging sector of serviced apartments.​

''We drive within a radius of 20 km from Brønshøj to our customers''

How do we do it

  • Pandemic situation made human kind to look at the cleaning from different perspective as Cleaning company its main objective of us to maintain high level of bacteria free environment.
  • ​Staff training is vital and unavoidable fact of for us, each and every staff member is well trained in terms of health and safety and chemical handling.
  • COSHH Control over the chemical usage by training the staff make each member of staff comfortable and savvy in handling chemicals.​​

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''Vi kører i en radius af 20 km fra Brønshøj ud til vores kunder''

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